Scallop’s top 10 unique facts

Prudential Center with four 4x zoom windows marked by red rectangles/squares

Panoramic video – still image. Resolution not representing Full Resoltion image quality.

  1. Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging’s core technology is an imaging system that mimics human vision by simultaneously combining output from multiple image sensors (spatially and temporally) in the camera system itself, to create a continuous panoramic image. This can be done in a small package, minimizing parallax and maximizing depth of field, and eliminating the need for actively having to focus each camera.
  2. With cameras at major landmarks and important structures, – in both hot and cold climates, our solid state/no moving part design have extremely low failure rates. No lenses to adjust or focus.
  3. Our vision systems provide situational awareness (true 180°-200° panorama) and up to four zoom windows.
  4. We provide two independent video streams (you may chose to view or record only one or a combination). This maximizes image quality while optimizing bandwidth and storage requirements.
    • All current Scallop vision systems capture images up to 15 fps.
    • We deliver two video streams: Full Resolution (5120×1280 pixels at 1 fps) and High Definition (1280×720 pixels at 15 fps)
    • While you may chose to display and record the High Definition video stream (to manage your bandwidth and storage requirements), the (up to) four zoom windows are derived from the Full Resolution stream providing up to 4x zoom capabilities.
  5. We do not use fish-eye lenses in any of our vision systems.
    • Our approach preserves all pixels on target all the time. No de-warping or interpolating/filling in missing pixels.
      • Cameras using fish-eye lenses may waste as much as 75% of the pixels.
        • A 5 megapixel camera may in fact use only 1.25 megapixels to generate the images.
  6. Because we combine all pixels into one image in the camera, you won’t see people or objects “disappearing” as they move across the image as they sometimes do when other multi-sensor panoramic cameras fail to synchronize.
  7. Our vision systems provide a true 180° field of view.
    • Many other “180°” panoramic cameras actually only provide 144° horizontally, instead measuring 180° diagonally.
  8. Our extreme low-light camera (M6-200) is a “best in class” night time camera requiring no infrared (IR) equipment.
  9. Our vision systems don’t look like a camera. We are not offering just another dome camera. Besides, we can customize the finish to make them truly blend in. No wonder museums around the world love our products.
  10. Musa-flagade in the USA. We manufacture all our unique vision systems in Boston, MA. Not just final assembly and applying a “Made in USA” label. We truly do manufacture our products in the USA!