AD7 10 degree

10 degree camera mount assembly (D7/A7)

10 degree angle mount for gang boxes. For A7/D7 product families. White. Included with all indoor cameras.

Model #: DW01-110-016

Flush mount assembly (M6)

Flush mount assembly for M6-200.

Model #: DW05-110-009

10 degree camera mount assembly (M6)

10 degree camera mount wall assembly for M6.

Model #: DW05-110-011
12 v power

12 volt power supply

12 volt power supply for A7-180, D7-180/D7-180XR and M6-200.

Model #: DW01-600-010

Camera surface mount assembly

Camera surface mount assembly. For A7-180 and D7-180/D7-180XR (both vertical and horizontal orientations). White. Included with all indoor cameras.

Model #: DW01-110-017

Camera surface mount assembly (M6)

M6 surface mount assembly.

Model #: DW05-110-014

Flush mount assembly (D7/D7-XR and A7)

Flush mount assembly for A/7/D7/D7-XR (both horizontal and vertical orientations). Included with all base model indoor cameras.

Model #: DW01-110-015
1/4 20 Rear Plate White

Indoor adjustable camera mount attachment (¼-20 rear)

Indoor adjustable camera mount attachment (1/4 20 rear plate). For Panavise or other standard attachment (not included). White.

Model #: DW03-100-019

IP66 rated outdoor housings (limited availability)

This outdoor housing is replaced by a new integrated IP 66 Outdoor Camera. A limited quantity may be available for certain products.

The original outdoor housing allows the A7-180 or D7-180/D7-180XR (vertical) cameras to be installed against a wall, pole, or any secure stable surface. The camera is securely enclosed and protected from the elements. The vertical and horizontal angles can be adjusted with the brackets located on the back.

The A7-180 and D7-180/D7-180XR (vertical) cameras use Model DW02-100-010 outdoor housing.

The M6-200 camera requires a Model 6 (DW05-100-013) outdoor housing.

The D7-180XR Horizontal is currently only available as an indoor version.

Outdoor Housing Installation Instructions

Model #: Camera specific. See description.