Blackhawk / Scallop Imaging unveils new camera platforms that deliver superior surveillance performance

New video security solutions include 7-megapixel, day/night camera with 180-degree view and high-resolution IP corner camera

Boston February 26, 2015Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging, the pioneer in distributed imaging technology platforms, introduces the company’s latest IP video surveillance cameras, the D14-180 day/night camera and the D4-120 corner camera.

Combining extreme low-light capability with selectable full-color and monochrome high-resolution panoramic definition, the D14-180 is a 7-megapixel, day/night camera that provides a 180-degree field of view without fisheye distortion. At night, it delivers extreme low-light capability for recording and viewing in conditions as low as 0.02 lux without auxiliary lighting. The D14-180 processes more than 100 megapixels per second, providing a 180-degree full situational awareness image with up to four zoom windows. The D14 can simultaneously deliver the 720p high-definition video stream at up to 15 fps, and the full resolution (5120×1280) video stream at 1 fps.

Designed to fit flush in a corner, the D4-120 high-resolution camera contains a 120-degree horizontal field of view and three 1.3-megapixel image sensors that combine to create one four-megapixel image. Its unique design delivers a versatile solution for monitoring a variety of indoor environments, including offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, classrooms, correctional facilities and elevators, among others. Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging’s unique technology approach combines images from the D4’s three sensors and stitches the views together to produce a single, high-resolution image that is available as two simultaneous video streams: high definition (15 fps) and full resolution (1 fps).

“The D14 and the D4 were designed to deliver high-image quality to meet the most stringent security and business requirements,” said Steve Gorski, Chief Sales Officer, Scallop Imaging. “The new innovations to our robust technology platform are a testament to the investments we’ve made in continued innovation to fit a variety of surveillance needs for organizations across the globe.”

Made in the United States, Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging solutions offer easy setup using a standard Web-browser, are compatible with today’s leading video management systems, offer a simple licensing structure and require little maintenance because the cameras contain no moving parts. Both cameras can be customized to meet specific aesthetic requirements, such as those found in the luxury retail, hospitality and covert surveillance markets. The entire Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging portfolio is available through the company’s robust network of channel partners.

Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging bases its technologies on distributed imaging technology, where a panoramic field of view is covered using a number of miniature camera modules. Each camera module has less than 1-percent optical distortion. The output of all of the sensors is combined in the camera to produce a continuous 180-degree horizontal field of view image. The result is that the camera output does not need to be de-warped and captures details without sacrificing sharpness or image quality.

Interested in learning more about the new technologies from Scallop, join us for a Webinar on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, at 1 p.m. Eastern. Register today.

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About Scallop Imaging:

Boston-based Scallop Imaging became an independent company in December 2013 focused exclusively on the development of robust video surveillance technology. Scallop’s former parent company was formed in 1992 and drove product development of a remarkable array of unique and novel technologies and products incorporating unconventional thinking about light, color, optics and vision. From a concept developed to protect military personnel inside armored personnel carriers by providing visual situational awareness, to protecting physical assets around the world, Scallop’s technology solutions venture outside the conventional approaches to enhance security and business operations throughout the world. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.




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