History of innovation

Company history

Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging became an independent company in March 2015. Scallop’s former parent company was formed in 1992 and over the next 20 years gave birth to a remarkable array of unique and novel technologies and products incorporating unconventional thinking about light, color, optics and vision.

A culture of innovations

“Distributed imaging” – the core of Scallop’s intellectual properties and know-how, was conceived in 2006. By 2009, Scallop’s first commercial product was launched: a pioneering force in high definition panoramic video imaging. It won the ASIS Accolades award the same year. The company defeated dozens of other entrants in the “Unique Approach to Security” category, due to a “…one-of-a-kind or ‘out of the box’ approach to dealing with and solving any type of security operations or management challenge.”   Other awards followed.

Scallop Imaging’s former parent company also developed a wide range of other novel technologies and products:

  • Anti-Reflective Optical Devices to protect against glare from binoculars and rifle scopes used by armed forces. Thousands of U.S. and NATO troops in Iraq and Afghanistan carried binoculars and had their rifle scopes fitted with anti-reflective optical devices. Others had laser eye safety protection fitted to the same gear.
  • Software to Aid the Color Blind is another manifestation of “outside the box” thinking.
  • Color Night Vision goggles are clearly preferable to the conventional mostly green and black image. For example, one of the challenges for troops employed in battle at night is that conventional night vision goggles cannot see the color red – the color of blood.
  • Unique Camera Sensor Technology in the form of full color images under very low light conditions.


Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging is now focused on developing, marketing and manufacturing its proprietary video imaging technology. All our activities are still proudly accomplished in Boston/Arkansas. We do product development, marketing and manufacturing in Boston/Arkansas.  Our family of panoramic vision systems is evolving.  From a concept developed to protect military personnel inside armored personnel carriers by providing visual situational awareness, to protecting physical assets around the world, our product development efforts continue to venture outside conventional approaches. Our vision systems are clearly not “just another dome camera”. Continue to expect Blackhawk/Scallop Imaging to innovate! We pride ourselves on being different.